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Hauska & Partner Group GmbH | Headquarters: Vienna | Occupancy: Management Consulting | Public Relations Consulting | Advertising Agency

In order to jointly develop strategies and solutions or to transfer knowledge, we offer both standard and tailored workshops and training courses.


Whether our clients are holding a presentation, giving a conference speech or participating at a TV panel session, we train them to make the best public appearance. Our media trainings include various case studies, tried-and-tested tools and recognized techniques.


Our clients learn how to handle their business during the times of crisis, keep their confidence and make sure their company is protected. Practical exercises and theory will teach them how to manage impacts of various incidents, and even how to prevent crises.


We develop the framework for organizational strategy development and guide managers through the process by implementing creative methods. We moderate strategy creation processes, facilitate strategic workshops and ensure quality of developed solutions. In the process, we participate as a valuable outside partner inspiring companies to deliver realistic and focused strategies.


We provide tools and content in which to guide teams to develop or revise their corporate vision, mission as well as corporate values which shape working processes within the company and ensure common identity. Workshops can also be combined with a wide range of team development activities allowing the team to strengthen collaboration beyond office routine.


Assessing organizational material issues can be challenging, especially for the first time reporter. In our tailor-made workshops, we guide the internal reporting team to determine the key aspects of the organization’s social, economic and environmental impacts. We support our clients in setting processes for stakeholder engagement, developing their report structure, implement data collection, designing creative concepts and in writing reports.