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Hauska & Partner Group GmbH | Headquarters: Vienna | Occupancy: Management Consulting | Public Relations Consulting | Advertising Agency

Stakeholder opinions on corporate behavior and their feelings about the organization, its products and services are crucial to organizational success. Our unique approach to reputation management that connects stakeholder engagement with setting clear communication about organizational vision, mission and strategy enables building stakeholder relations or increase their understanding of the organization.


Whether a company is just entering the market, trying to launch a new product or position itself with a new service approach, we develop communication strategies and activities which secures that stakeholders understand and demand products or services.


We develop the best strategies for organization’s social and digital media presence and assist in day-to-day management of communication and content creation in these channels.


In case of corporate identity change, we manage processes of determining new organizational and visual identity, including values management, vision and mission implementation and setting up business strategy into processes. We create the best ways to communicate and share the new identity with organizational stakeholders.


Employees are the face of any organization, its best ambassadors and most valuable resource. We develop positioning activities for key organizational experts and leaders and their connections with stakeholders, which enables them to become opinion leaders in specific field or industry.


We help organizations achieve effective communication with their stakeholders. By thoroughly analyzing organizations, their challenges and opportunities, as well as their surroundings, we help them create specific communication strategies and action plans that will bring benefits to their business.