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Strategic management relies on detecting and analyzing current trends, problems or changes in organizational surroundings. We implement creative methods of issues identification and establish processes within organizations that enable adequate management of stakeholder expectations, as well as response or active shaping of societal, economic or political trends.


For all companies, it is essential to know which issues can be found on politicians’ desks, what market or social changes may impact their business. Our monitoring and analytics underpins organization’s business and communication plans. Analyzing the outcomes of organizational media and online communication provides valuable benchmarks of our clients’ performance and evaluates their communications efforts.


We identify and prioritize risks enabling companies to manage them in timely and effective manner. If urgently needed, we provide support in the area of crisis communication. Our experienced team is at disposal even at a short notice in an emergency.


Complex projects in industrial, energy and infrastructure development demand specific communications and stakeholder engagement plans and actions. Our experts in environmental communication help organizations develop communications strategies, as well as lead them through challenging implementation. Our services range from communicating project plans, leading communications during Environmental Impact Assessment processes, organizing scoping dialogues to designing and implementing public information campaigns.


Based on sound analysis and proven methods, we develop the best strategic approach to issues: to minimize risk, to ensure license to operate and benefit from new opportunities.


When a gap between organizational goals and stakeholder expectations becomes too wide, organizations need the best strategies and tactics to engage stakeholders in discussions that would bring conflicts to resolution. We manage and facilitate dispute resolution processes.