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Investors, regulators and other stakeholders increasingly demand proofs that organization matches standards of sustainability and responsibility. As leaders in incorporating CSR and sustainability processes, we consult our clients’ orientation towards sustainability, to embed it in their company and to develop their sustainability (non-financial) reports.


We support and guide organizations in setting up their strategic CSR approach, their processes, projects and measurement through the determination of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Performance Narratives (KPN) and help them make crucial decisions on their sustainability strategies.


With our own tailor-made methods, organizations identify their material issues, set according focus and optimize their impact.


We help organizations develop the necessary structures, processes and procedures to successfully manage and measure their Corporate Social Responsibility, from setting up the team to the implementation of sustainability norms like ISO 26000 or ONR 192500.


Equipped with the best tools, we accompany our clients through all stages of a CSR report: from defining material issues, identifying appropriate key performance indicators or key narrative indicators (KPI/KPN) through concept design, setting up of the data collection processes, bringing together all information, writing, adjustments, identifying addressees and publication to audit and assurance.


We support clients in developing their CSR strategy and establishing corresponding processes within the organization. Together with our clients, we design appropriate measures and establish new forms of collaboration with organizational stakeholders. We use international standards and various tools, a number of own creative methods as well as the materiality matrix we developed.