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Hauska & Partner Group GmbH | Headquarters: Vienna | Occupancy: Management Consulting | Public Relations Consulting | Advertising Agency

Each organization is a system, with entwined internal and external connections. Corporate relations signifies shaping and strengthening of these connections. It overpasses publicity and image, and deals with activities, behaviors and navigation in demanding environment of influences and interests. It creates specific goals through specialized approach towards key issues an organization faces and stakeholders it engages.

Our core competence of stakeholder management allows us to help organizations manage their diverse relationships.

Strategic management relies on detecting and analyzing current trends, problems or changes in organizational surroundings.

Investors, regulators and other stakeholders increasingly demand proofs that your organization matches standards of sustainability and responsibility.

Stakeholders’ opinions on corporate behavior and their feelings about the organization, its products and services are crucial to the organizational success.

We assist you in co-shaping framework for your business and managing issues of public interest.

In order to jointly develop strategies and solutions or to transfer knowledge, we offer both standard and tailored workshops and training courses.