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Supporting sustainable brewing

Austria’s largest brewing company, Brau Union, assigned Hauska & Partner to develop a new approach for CSR reporting. Additionally, the organization wanted to revive its sustainability team and to update its vision, strategy and activities.

The main challenge was to combine Brau Union’s existing sustainability program with the plans and measures of its parent company, Heineken N.V.

H&P developed a sustainability reporting concept considering the international corporate structure and the existing national activities. The idea was to issue the report in two parallel versions: a print leaflet that could be distributed among employees, clients or cooperation partners and a holistic online report. The web version combined fulfilment of the requirements of GRI Application level B (international CSR reporting standard), of CSR experts and of customers who wanted to learn who brews their beer and how. Based on these targets, three reports (2007 – 2010, 2011, 2012) were developed, combining facts and figures with project descriptions.

Parallel, H&P conducted workshops and developed tools to support the re-established sustainability team. As a result the CSR team was able to design measures that fit into the international plans and continue already existing local programmes. When defining their vision (“central concern”) in a workshop, they combined the company’s business strategy with its beer culture focus and sustainability goals. Refining the outcome of the workshop and developing the final “central concern” was H&P’s assignment..


Brau Union could improve its sustainability management and reporting substantially, which was highly acknowledged by its stakeholders and within the Heineken group.