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Supporting headquarters

Austria is a renowned location for headquarters, mainly focusing on Eastern Europe. In 2004, Hauska & Partner together with ABA – invest in Austria, Henkel CEE, Siemens etc. founded Headquarters Austria. This organization supports the head offices of Austrian and multinational companies.

It collects the existing know-how in Austria and jointly develops and spreads solutions for headquarters specific questions like internal organization, creating value, leadership or of employee management.

To reach these targets, Headquarters Austria unites from economy, the political sphere and science. Congresses and cocktail receptions, expert’s events and working groups are organized.

In addition, Hauska & Partner – working as the organizations administrative office – conducts studies, delivers the newsletter and maintains a database to record all regional headquarters in Austria (i.e. subsidiaries of foreign companies with responsibility for other countries).


Since its start, Headquarters Austria established itself as the place to go for companies, media, research etc. regarding all questions about headquarters.

  • CLIENT Headquarters Austria
  • YEAR 2012
  • TEAMLeo Hauska, Elisabeth Gail, Bernhard Wanasek