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New year, new challenges, new opportunities. H&P Croatia expands the team by offering at least two high level positions: Consultant and/or Senior Consultant. With market dynamization and our portfolio expansion, we need new ambitious, motivated, confident professionals. We hope for strong personalities, leaders and top professionals who will build our future together with us. We
Since January 2018, the new online report of the Hauska & Partner Group is available at sustainability-report.hauska.com.
The new streaming platform offers CSR explanatory videos for use in companies.
On October 4, Daria signed the Diversity Charter on behalf H&P Croatia, adding our company to a list of thousands in Europe that did so as well. A total of 34 companies joined the initiative to raise awareness on the benefits diverse working environment brings. The signatories will be obligated to adopt a Diversity Policy,
At the end of August, the Austrian highways and express road operator ASFINAG published its new sustainability report. Hauska & Partner is responsible for concept as well as implementation.
90% of all companies are micro-enterprises. This book shows how the CSR and sustainability approach can be simplified and applied to micro-enterprises. Elisabeth Gail and Leo Hauska, as co-authors, provided a contribution on "CSR in an one-person-enterprise".
With the release of the new GRI Standards, the Global Reporting Initiative also launched a new program: Standards Pioneers. Bernhard Wanasek, CIO and CFO of Hauska & Partner and responsible for sustainability controlling and related client projects, was the only Austrian to be included in this program.
Incite, the quality academy of the UBIT Association of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber revised its course "CSR / Sustainability Management in Business & Public Sector". Leo Hauska took over the responsibility for the lecture "Strategy Development".
There is a common platform for all headquarters located in Austria: Headquarters Austria. In March 2017, the organization's website has been relaunched.
Since March 2017, there has been a new course on "Relevance & Materiality" in the Academic CSR Manager's Course at the University of Applied Sciences of the BFI Vienna. In 7 teaching units, Leo Hauska provides students with insights into theory and practice, including the use of appropriate instruments.
Our support to Danfoss Croatia won Grand PRix award of the Croatian Public Relations Association in the category of the communication strategy. A very challenging project focused on how to turn high risk issue communication to the best case in rising the level of communication to a stakeholder dialogue. Challenging, but not impossible, proving that
In their anthology, Marie Czuray and Markus Scholz examine ISO 26000 as internationally leading guidelines as well as ONR 192500 as most important, certifiable CSR norm in the German speaking area.