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Hauska & Partner Group is one of the founding members of FuturAbility, collaborative platform aimed at promoting and developing stakeholder involvement and engagement through encouraging the participation of all sectors of society and integrating science-based knowledge for truly sustainable impact. This is a not-for-profit and impact oriented cooperative that focuses on collaboration, co-creation, inclusion, inter-
Hauska & Partner was program partner of the conference Supporting Sustainability held on 25 March 2019.
At an event gathering business community invested in living and promoting sustainable business practice, H&P Croatia received “Shine” award for affirmation and visibility of CSR in digital channels. The award is presented by “Good Croatia” (Dobra Hrvatska) initiative in cooperation with Croatian Employers’ Association and UN Global Compact Hrvatska. After nearly two decades of work
H&P Group’s CSR Director and our Senior Consultant and Partner Andreja Pavlović played a part in the panel discussion about ethics in public relations at the annual Croatian Public Relations Association’s conference – KOMferencija. Andreja conducted a research called “Ethics in Public Relations education in Croatia’s academic surrounding: current status and perspective”. After the results
Hauska & Partner received a special recognition for long-term participation in Croatian CSR Index. The recognition was awarded at the 10th CSR conference, where we also participated on the panel sharing our experiences and views on the future of CSR measurements, methodology and the developments of CSR Index. H&P has won four CSR Index awards
Dobra Hrvatska (Good Croatia) is a book published by Goran Tudor, editing texts of the best case studies of responsible organizational behavior in Croatia. The publication is very valuable in Croatia as the first one that connected Sustainable Development Goals with the responsible practices of various organizations. We have participated in the book showing our
Over thirty participants (and many others showed interest) were included in a special workshop H&P held on October 25 in Zagreb. Global trends and current practices, reporting in Croatia, the most common challenges in reporting processes were all topics of lectures given by Leo Hauska and Daria Mateljak. They were followed by group discussions on
As an ambassador of the Diversity Charter in Croatia, Daria uses every opportunity to fortify the importance and benefits of diversity in organizations. The most recent occasion for this was a lecture to the members of Croatian PR Asocciation’s CSR Section. Daria presented this initiative, that was launched in 22 European countries and signed by
In accordance with our strategic direction of increasing partner shares in Croatia and tighter participation of our employees in company management, we have expanded our team of partners with Senior Consultant Gorana Pavičić Nišević, and we increased shares for current partners Daria Mateljak, Andreja Pavlović and Katarina Rimac. Andreja and Katarina are also new additions
H&P Group’s CSR Director and our Senior Consultant/Partner Andreja Pavlović was elected for the new president of the Croatian Chamber of Economy’s CSR society. Andreja’s deputy will be Angelika Brnada from INA. “This community needs to be a place of meetings and new ideas. We see an important role of our companies and the Chamber
As part of the SDG strategy of the Austrian Global Compact Network, five SDG teams were founded beginning of 2018. All teams will develop next-practice solutions to different challenges. Hauska & Partner will host a team for SDG 12.6. The focus is on reporting topics and key performance indicators.
Since 2015, all organizations worldwide have been called upon to contribute to the 17 sustainable development goals. Since February 2018, there is a new master's program "Sustainability & Responsible Management" of the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna. As part of a one-day block event, Leo Hauska will provide insights into theory and practice of SDG integration.