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“Cooking values” corporate identity revision for OTP banka

OTP banka management decided in early 2012 to test the functionality of parts of its corporate identity – values, vision, mission and corporate slogan – in order to align it with the corporation that changed in the previous several years.  Following the appointment of the new CEO in September 2011, the bank intensified strategic directions of development and different market approaches, and felt that its identity needed to communicate its strategic approach better. New management approach brought in a more vibrant energy into the bank’s culture and started to boost development and proactive approach to innovation. The management recognized the need to improve internal relations as well as the sense of loyalty and pride, so it worked closely among each other and engaged employees in defining elements of corporate identity. Such collaboration was a unique example of dialogue practice in Croatian companies.

As their consultants in this process, we organized it through workshops with the management and online consultations with employees. Initial management workshop started from personal professional values that were matched with imagined bank values; the result was a rough selection of 12 values. To make these values more vivid and real, we tested them in a cooking competition during which two teams had to prove values in practice. Then proposed 12 values were given for priority check back to management, who selected 6. Simultaneously, an online anonymous survey was organized in which employees were also asked to select six values from the proposed list. The final selection of values was a combination of management selection and employees’ selection (which overlapped in more than 90%). This was followed by another workshop for wider management in which SWOT and EPISTLE analyses were confirmed and new vision and the mission of the bank were agreed through creative techniques.  As for the corporate slogan, during the annual Key Players Meeting, managers confirmed corporate slogan ideas, consultation was organized on the definition of corporate slogan with employees on intranet and the management accepted the final choice made by employees.


Both the management and employees expressed satisfaction with the project; they accepted the project of engagement with enthusiasm and jointly formulated values and corporate slogan. Employee satisfaction survey conducted in January 2013 showed increase in employee satisfaction by 14% compared to the previous survey (December 2011), i.e the rise from 52% to 66%.

This project was also recognized from a communication standpoint: it received Grand PRix of the Croatian Public Relations Association for the Internal Relations category in April 2013.

  • CLIENT OTP banka Hrvatska
  • YEAR 2012
  • TEAMDaria Mateljak, Gorana Pavičić Nišević