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Hauska & Partner Group GmbH | Headquarters: Vienna | Occupancy: Management Consulting | Public Relations Consulting | Advertising Agency


Leo Hauska founded the consultancy in 1990, aiming to provide outstanding quality in all areas of public relations. Since then, we evolved into a consultancy for corporate relations with a particular expertise in the areas of stakeholder and issues management as well as CSR management. We strengthen organizations’ relations with their environment. Therefore we enable their alignment with societal developments and ensure their future success.

Besides our consulting activities we engage manifold: e.g. for the Austrian CSR policy (CSR-Dialog), a sustainable business management as deep as one person companies (nachhaltig selbständig), sustainability reporting (working group with respACT - austrian business council for sustainable development) and education (numerous teaching assignments).

Furthermore, Hauska & Partner initiated and oversees the platform Headquarters Austria, which advocates for the concerns of multinational enterprises and their headquarters in Austria.

We are a member of respACT - austrian business council for sustainable development, the Public Relation Verband Austria (PRVA) as well as the CSR consultants experts group of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.